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A girl should always have two things ... Beautiful Nails and Fabulous Toes

Nail Enhancement Price List

Nail Extensions & Overlays

Full Set Natural

Natural Nail Treatments

Gel Polish/ Twinks
Removal & Re Gel Polish
File & Polish
Fingers or Toes





Shaping, Cuticles, Moisturise, Mini Massage & Polish




Mini Pedicure
Soak, File, Cuticle Work, Hard Skin Removal & Mini Foot Massage




Soak, Exfoliate, Cut, File, Cuticle Work,
Hard Skin Removal, Moisturise, Mini Massage & Leg and Foot Massage


IBX File & Polish
IBX Manicure Includes the following:
Shaping, Cuticle Work, Moisturise,
Mini Masage & Polish

*IBX is a new two-part system that acts as a Protective Shield for your natural nails under any Gel Polish Coating*

Nail Enhancements & Extras

Diamante (each)
Basic Nail Art (per nail)
File or Soak Off
Gel Polish Soak Off & Tidy
Nail Repair (Within first 3 days)
Nail Repair (After 3 Days)

*If you require removal of gel / acrylic extensions that were not done by us, please be advised that we take no responsibility for the condition of your nails following removal as we do not know the products used by previous salons. Note: Damage will not occur from our removal and you will be advised on the best way to proceed after removal.*